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Develop the future of Business Excellence Professionals with BEX®

BEX® Academic Resources: Plan or revise your curricula with the support of internationally recognized standards for the practice of business excellence to benefit your institution and students. Get the resources your academic departments need to align with the latest industry practices and promote excellence in business education.

Business Excellence Curriculum Development and Framework




The Framework is the guidelines and principles outlining the required knowledge and skills.  Plus Learning Objectives required for the BEX® exam, sample exam questions, and in-class discussion questions.​

The Models are set of criteria or principles that organizations measure against to achieve superior business result. There must be 12-16 hours of knowledge-based teachings covering the models of business excellence.​

Business Excellence topics such as quality management, continuous improvement, leadership, strategy, customer satisfaction, and performance measurement. For students interested in gaining business analysis skills regardless of their area of study.​​


Complete curriculum for instructor-led hands-on application of key business excellence skills and must cover strategy development, customer and market focus, workforce engagement, process management, measurement, analysis, and knowledge management. The curriculum must include case studies, best practices, and hands-on projects to provide students with real-world experience and practical skills necessary to become successful business excellence professionals.


40-45 hours or the equivalence of about ​1 semester – 3 credits.

Requiring students to actively participate in hands-on learning experiences, case studies, group projects, and real-world applications to develop their understanding and practical skills in business excellence. Additionally, students may need to engage in self-directed learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving to enhance their ability to analyze complex business situations, identify improvement opportunities, and implement effective solutions.

& CEUs

The BEX® Continuing Education program is designed for undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in Business Analysis. The program provides a stand-alone continuing education program or a course within a diploma at the graduate or undergraduate level. The program is structured to help students acquire the knowledge and skills required to succeed as a Business Analyst. Students will learn about the key principles of Business Analysis, including how to gather and document requirements, develop business cases, manage stakeholders, and communicate effectively. 

Teacher Assisting a Student

Framework + Curriculum for Business Excellence Courses and Programs

By joining the BEX® Academic Program:

  • Your institution will have the opportunity to build valuable connections to the Business Excellence industry and enhance its reputation.

  • By offering programs or courses aligned with the internationally recognized standard for the practice of Business Excellence, your institution will increase its marketability and appeal to students looking to pursue careers in this field.

  • Additionally, by providing education and certification paths in Business Excellence and emerging areas, your institution can ensure it stays current with today's job market trends and remains a leader in academic excellence.

A Commitment to Business Excellence Education (BEE)

The BEX® Academic Program Membership is an exclusive membership designed for accredited colleges and universities. The primary objective of BEX® is to promote the growth of the Business Excellence philosophy by assisting educational institutions in providing high-demand business excellence programs that can equip students with the skills required by organizations now and in the future. The Academic Program offers endorsement of business excellence courses and programs to academic institutions of all sizes globally. A course or program endorsed by BEX® ensures that it meets the standard for the practice of business excellence. A BEX®-endorsed course or program:

  1. Aligns with Business Excellence® Guide, the internationally recognized body of knowledge for the practice of business excellence based on the African Excellence Model (AEM) 2020.

  2. Meets industry and internationally recognized standards and best practices in business performance excellence, ensuring graduates enter the workforce ready to meet tomorrow’s business challenges

  3. Allows students to apply the endorsed course hours towards the professional development requirements for the BEX® certifications, designed specifically for students with limited work experience.

  4. Increases the marketability of your institution by offering relevant and up-to-date programs that align with industry standards and job market trends.

  5. Provides access to BEX® resources and tools to support the development and delivery of high-quality Business Excellence education.

  6. Enhances your institution's reputation and builds connections with the Business Excellence industry.

  7. Offers students a pathway to professional certifications and career advancement in the field of Business Excellence.


Deliver value beyond coursework by getting your graduates job-ready and create a direct path for your students to competitive BEX® certifications.

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Academic Program Componet
College Friends

Academic Program Components

At BEX®, we understand the importance of collaborating with businesses, organizations, and institutions across all industries and sizes. We highly appreciate the contributions and active participation of our Corporate Members in shaping the future of business excellence. To accommodate the diverse needs of our Academic Program Members, we offer a flexible Corporate Program with four levels of membership - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Whether you're looking to explore or enhance your business analysis practices, we welcome you to join our community and drive the evolution of business analysis together.

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Start offering Business Excellence Programs with a complete course framework and curriculum

1. Framework + Curriculum for business excellence programs​​ 2. Business Excellence® Guide study groupmaterials​ 3. Certified Executive in Business Excellence (CEBE™) Certified Excellence Quality Administrator (CEQA™) Certified Business Performance Advisor (CBPA™) Certified Business Excellence Analyst (CBEA™) exam learning objectives​ 4. Yearly license to Business Excellence® Guide for use in developing courses​

Work Colleagues

Access to BEX® professional resources, exclusive offers, and discounts


1. Additional memberships for faculty/staff at a discounted rate​ 2. 10% discount on Certified Executive in Business Excellence (CEBE™) exam (minimum 20 seats)​ 3. Onsite group exam sitting with bulk purchase of CEBE™ exams​ 4. 25% discount on advertising space​ 5. Discounted rate if member of more than 1 BEX® program​ 6. Access to BEX® Competency Model​ 7. Preview of IIBA Global Standards​ 8. BEX® accreditation for your courses​ 9. Access to Webinars and White papers to keep you current


Build connections to industry

1. Enhance the reputation of your Academic institution and stay on top of emerging job market​ 2. Local Chapter access


Get BEX® endorsement of your courses

1. BEX® Endorsed Courses​ 2. Recognition that your courses are based on globally recognized standards


Marketing material and promotion

1. To promote business analysis​ 2. To communicate program goals and outcomes to students and other stakeholders​ 3. Listed on the directory of academic institutions


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Two people in graduation gowns

Certified Business Excellence Analyst (CBEA™)

The Certified Business Excellence Analyst (CBEA™) is a professional certification that recognizes individuals who have demonstrated competency in the principles and practices of business excellence. This certification is designed for professionals with a minimum of 2 years of experience in business excellence-related roles, who are interested in advancing their careers and gaining recognition for their expertise.

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