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Advance Business Excellence Capabilities

The BEX® Corporate Program offers organizations the tools and resources they need to build their business excellence capabilities, including professional development and growth opportunities.

The program is designed to help companies improve their performance and achieve their goals through a variety of services, including customized training programs, access to BEX® publications and resources, and certification and accreditation opportunities.

By participating in the BEX® Corporate Program, organizations can enhance their workforce's skills and knowledge, promote a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, and achieve superior business results.

Enable your teams to achieve better business outcomes.

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Advance Excellence Practices & Capabilities

Enhance business results across strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

Enhance productivity by leveraging the tools and protocols outlined in the Excellence® Guide and establish a unified language for business analysis across your organization by certifying your team.


Enhancing The Workforce

Bridge skills deficits and synchronize learning and growth initiatives with organizational requirements.

Align competencies using the Business Excellence Competency Model (BECOM) and establish benchmarks. Utilize data analytics for managing resources, training, and development.

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Business Research and Excellence Insight

Keep updated on the latest market trends and gain valuable insights into the current business challenges that your organization may be encountering.

Comprehensive perspective on current information, trends, and insights that have a global impact on business analysis. This information can be leveraged by your organization to facilitate digital transformation, data analytics, agile analysis, and other strategic initiatives.

Augment Business Excellence Practices & Capabilities

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Corporate Program Components

At BEX®, we value the input and participation of businesses, organizations, and institutions from all industries and of all sizes. Our Corporate Members play a crucial role in shaping the future of business analysis through their feedback and insights. We offer a flexible Corporate Program with four levels of membership - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum - that can be tailored to suit the unique requirements of your organization. Join us to drive the evolution of business analysis together.

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Build and Advance Business Excellence Capabilities

1. Improve the consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness of your team's practice by utilizing the Business Excellence® Guide. 2. Foster a shared standard of practice among the Business Analysis community within your organization through enterprise access to BEX® standards, tools, and templates. 3. Enhance your business excellence capabilities by accessing standards and best practices in specialized domain.

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Connect and engage with a community of leaders who share a passion for Business Excellence.


1. Share thought leadership content to demonstrate your organization's commitment to the growing field of business excellence and alignment with a global association. 2. Build relationships and expand your network by connecting with BEX® Learning Network and other corporate members. 3. Collaborate with BEX® to shape the future of the business excellence practice and help drive the industry forward.

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Empower your business excellence talent with tools for career progression, including a career action guide, self-assessment tool, and digital library.


1. Align competencies to roles and mandates using the BEX® Competency Model, a quantitative assessment methodology for training and development. 2. Increase the credibility of your business excellence practice with certified practitioners. 3. Accelerate professional development and align it with business needs.

Access valuable and unique resources


1. Obtain exclusive reports on current business analysis trends and practices that can be used to compare your organization with others in the corporate community. 2. Participate in corporate leader webinars and discussion forums to stay informed and connected with the latest developments. 3. Obtain access to exclusive corporate white papers and relevant communication containing news and information from the business analysis field.

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Business Analysis Excellence Case Study

Supporting and Developing the Next Generation of Business Excellence Professionals

Ms. Miata Kiawu's innovative charcoal business has made waves in the local community of Monrovia since it was launched over two years ago. Her unique approach to charcoal production has attracted attention from all corners of the national industry. With a track record of success in retaining loyal customers, this business has set the benchmark for others in the industry. But what makes this business stand out from the rest?


Learn more to uncover the innovative strategies that have made Ms. Kiawu a leading force among her peers in the national charcoal production arena and Business Excellence arena.

Please fill out the form to receive guidance on establishing and standardizing business analysis practices within your organization.


BEX® offers a comprehensive approach to engaging with corporations and helping them achieve business excellence, benchmark and assess business analysis competencies, and build a community of professionals.


They provide training and professional development tools, guidance, support, and resources to drive growth, as well as access to a body of knowledge and enterprise access to standards and templates. BEX® also offers exclusive insights and reports on the latest business analysis trends and practices to promote thought leadership.

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