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Business Excellence Professional Resources

A curated body of knowledge dedicated to advancing your career in business excellence to create better business outcomes for your organization.


Business Excellence Body of Knowledge (BEX®) Guide

The globally recognized standard for the practice of business excellence guiding professionals in their work and adopted by enterprises to achieve better business outcomes.

Brown Minimalist Business Ebook Cover2.png
Brown Minimalist Business Ebook Cover2.png

BEX® Certification Guide

The BEX® Certification Guide is a comprehensive resource that provides detailed information about the BEX® certification program, including the four (4) levels of certification, the certification process, and the requirements for each level of certification. The guide is designed to help individuals develop a plan for achieving their certification goals. It provides information about the knowledge, skills, and competencies required for each level of certification.

BEX® Certification Materials

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Brown Minimalist Business Ebook Cover.png

BEX® Competency Model

The BEX® Competency Model, consisting of 94 performance indicators, is a tool that outlines the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics required for individuals to perform effectively as certified business excellence practitioners. It is based on the BEX® Guide and can be used both as a skills assessment tool and a guide for professional development highlighting specific behavioral indicators and techniques associated with each level of business excellence.

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BEX Guide Glossary & Errata

The BEX® Guide Glossary & Errata is a supplement to the BEX® Guide that provides a comprehensive list of key terms and definitions related to the field of business excellence. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to develop their understanding of business excellence principles and practices.

The glossary is organized alphabetically and includes definitions for a wide range of terms related to business excellence, including quality management, process improvement, strategic planning, customer focus, and performance measurement, among others. The glossary also includes cross-references to related terms and concepts, providing additional context and clarity.

BEX® Resource Collection

Working in Library

BEX® Bookstore

BEX® bookstore makes it easier for you to purchase valuable business analysis content like the BEX® Guide and partner publication content.

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Digital Library

Exclusive to Members, the Digital Library features a collection of more than 11,000+ professional development books on business analysis and related topics and leadership solution videos.

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Research & Articles

Find articles on better writing, becoming a better Business Excellence professional, business analysis practices, career development, and organizational practices in our main articles section.

Professional Resources

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BEX® Practice Library

This library provides BEX® practitioners access to analysis. Explore the new online destination of actionable, how-to business analysis content, knowledge and tools designed for business analysis professionals.

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Multilanguage Resources

Gain access to the foundational knowledge of business analysis in multiple languages and explore certification materials such as the Core Certification Handbook, BEX®’s Guide to Online Proctored Exams, and more. 

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Global Business Analysis Salary Survey

Access career trends and statistics in business excellence. An exclusive Member benefit, the annual survey provides useful information to employees for compensation comparison and for organizations to attract, support and retain employees within the context of an overall retention plan.

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BEX® Insights Blog

A blog for the global business excellence practice and its professionals with relevant topics like digital transformation, cybersecurity, and the data analysis. 


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The Business Excellence Standard

The Business Excellence Standard provides a simplified, inclusive view of business excellence and includes the foundational concepts in an easy-to-use format. 

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Standards, Regulations, and Best Practices

BEX® is dedicated to establishing and maintaining the highest standards for the practice of business analysis and BEX® certifications. Learn more about BEX®'s standards, regulations, and best practices.

BEX® Tools for Career Development

BEX® Competency Model is a Four-Part Framework to Help Develop and Advance Business Excellence Competency

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Professional Development

BEX® offers a variety of training and certification programs that can help business professionals improve their skills and knowledge in specific areas, such as project management, data analytics, or quality management.

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Advocacy To Corporations

BEX® advocates for the business excellence community, working to promote the value of continuous improvement and quality management to organizations, government agencies, and other stakeholders. As a member, individuals can contribute to this important work and help shape the future of the industry.

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Access to Exclusive Content

BEX® members have access to a wealth of exclusive content, including research reports, case studies, whitepapers, and webinars, that can help them stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

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Career Growth & Support

BEX® provides opportunities for career growth and support to its members. Job board and career center allow members explore new professional opportunities and get their foot in the door. Additionally, BEX® offers professional development and training programs that can help members develop new skills and stay up-to-date with emerging trends in the field.

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Professional Recognition

BEX® offers a range of awards and recognition programs that celebrate excellence in business and nonprofit organizations. Members can showcase their achievements and gain visibility in their field while impacting change.

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Thought Leadership

By joining BEX®, you can participate in conferences, webinars, and other events that bring together experts and thought leaders to share insights and best practices. This can help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the field and contribute to advancing the practice of business excellence.

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Networking Opportunities

BEX® offers a variety of networking events and activities, such as conferences, workshops, and online forums, where members can connect with other professionals in their field, share ideas, and build relationships.

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Industry Insights and Updates

BEX® provides regular updates and insights into industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies related to business excellence. By staying connected with BEX®, members can stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field and leverage this knowledge to improve their own organizations while highlighting their own visibility.

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