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Business Excellence® Standards

The BEX® Guide is the industry standard for professionals engaged in business excellence tasks. It provides a comprehensive framework that covers six core knowledge areas, outlining the required skills, techniques, and deliverables that business excellence professionals must possess to achieve superior business outcomes.

Based on the globally acknowledged African Excellence Model, the BEX® Guide is recognized as the benchmark for business excellence models. It serves as a valuable resource for business excellence professionals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge.


The Standard of Business Excellence

At BEX®, we are committed to establishing and upholding the highest standards, regulations, and best practices for business excellence and our practitioner certifications across Africa.

Our global standards of practice are defined by the Business Excellence Body of Knowledge (BEX® Guide), the Business Excellence (BEX®) Competency Model, and the core certifications. The Competency Model and certifications are based on the latest version of the BEX® Guide.

We continuously strive to improve our standards and adapt them to the evolving business landscape. Our goal is to ensure that our certifications and standards remain relevant and effective for individuals and organizations seeking to achieve and maintain business excellence.
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What is Business Excellence®?


Globally Recognized Standards of the Business Excellence BEX®

Online Conference

BEX®’s Practice Library


BEX®’s Practice Library is a comprehensive online resource that provides access to a wide range of tools, templates, case studies, and other resources related to the practice of business excellence. The library is designed to support the ongoing development and improvement of business excellence practitioners and organizations.

The Practice Library is organized into various categories, including governance, leadership, process management, quality management, project management, risk management, and customer management. Within each category, users can find a variety of resources, such as best practices, case studies, and toolkits. The library also includes a search function that allows users to find specific resources based on keywords.

The resources in the Practice Library are curated by BEX® and are based on industry best practices and the latest research in the field of business excellence. By using the Practice Library, practitioners and organizations can access the tools and resources they need to develop and implement effective business excellence strategies and practices.


BEX® Guide: Body of Knowledge

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A Guide to the Business Excellence Body of Knowledge (BEX® Guide) is aligned to the African Excellence Model 2020 created and regulated by the African Excellence Forum.

BEX® Guide is developed through a rigorous consensus-driven standards development process and incorporates the collective wisdom and experience of experts in the field from around the world. It defines the skills and knowledge required by business analysis professionals.

BEX® Guide
  • Contains a description of generally accepted practices in the field of business excellence.

  • Is community driven and consensus based.

  • Has gone through multiple iterations beginning in 2018

  • Includes the highly valued Business Excellence Core Concept Model™ (BEX® Concept).

  • Techniques are applicable in most contexts where business excellence is performed, most of the time.

  • They can also be modified to apply to any business excellence context or domain.


Business Excellence Competency Model

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The Business Excellence Competency Model® describes the knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, and personal characteristics required for a person to perform effectively as a business excellence practitioner. Derived from the BEX® Guide it is a skills assessment tool and a professional development guide.

  • Identifies 94 Business Analysis performance competencies with behavioral indicators and techniques associated with each level of business analysis.

  • Supports the levels of BEX® multi-level competency-based certification program by highlighting the key competency components associated with each business analysis task.

  • Evaluates current levels against standard levels of performance to understand proficiency levels.


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Certification Standards

BEX®'s certification standards are aligned to ISO 17024 for our certification program, policies, procedures and include the following:

  • Expertise-based breadth: Developed and reviewed by a team of Subject Matter Experts(SMEs), ideally with geography and industry diversity.

  • BEX®’s certification structure is clearly defined including required competence, abilities, and prerequisites.

  • We include a clear definition of continuing competence (e.g. re-certification cadence with CEU requirements).

  • Our certification is based on a non-commercial body of knowledge as developed by objective third-party entities (i.e. external SMEs).

  • A Job practice analysis is conducted or able to be conducted.

  • The exam question development is rigorous, including the use of blind expert-based processes to create tight controls around question visibility.

  • BEX®’s process for the cut score establishment and ongoing management are rigorous.

  • The assessment process for the certification application and recertification is impartial.

  • Certification processes ensure no candidate has an unfair advantage over another.

  • The exam content is secure and is proctored either virtually or in-person in a test centre.


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